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Gift Card Score®

Gift Card Score represents the consumer friendliness and usability of a gift card. Each Gift Card Score is generated by an algorithm; over 30 gift cards specific attributes factor into each rating. By reviewing a gift card's Gift Card Scores before you buy, you can easily determine the consumer friendliness of a gift card and avoid gift card gotchas.


Gold - Excellent

Gift cards with a score of 90 and above receive the Gold Gift Card Score Badge. These gift cards are the best and considered 'excellent gift cards' because they minimize gotchas and are leaders in offering consumer friendly gift cards.

Green - Good

Gift cards with a score of 80-89 receive the Green Gift Card Score Badge. These gift cards are among the best and considered 'great cards' because they are well rounded, offer fair policies and disclosure.

Average - Yellow

Gift cards scoring between 60-79 receive the Yellow Gift Card Score Badge. These gift cards are considered average and while they may make a great gift for your recipient, we recommend taking a closer look at the gift cards features and policies.

Beware - Red

Gift cards scoring 0-59 receive the Red Gift Card Score Badge. These cards typically have fees, expiration dates and lack other common gift card features consumers often expect to see in a gift card program. While a gift card with a low score is considered to need improvement, it may still be a good gift for your recipient; however, it's important to thoroughly review the policies and features such a product before making a purchase.

ScripSmart Accounts & Alerts

ScripSmart Alerts help you get the most out of your gift cards. Create a free account, add the cards you own and configure any combination of four alerts.

Monthly Summaries

Receive a monthly summary via email with the cards in your wallet. Monthly summary emails provide an excellent way for you to be mindful of gift card you own but have not used.

Bankruptcy Alerts

Owning a gift card for a company no longer in business is a sure way to never see a penny from your gift. ScripSmart monitors the gift card landscape and if we discover one of the gift cards you own is in jeopardy of being worthless, we'll send you an alert via email.

Expiration Alerts

Ideally all the cards in your wallet don't have an expiration, but if one does you can simply add the purchase date to your account and we'll send you a reminder one month before it expires.

Nag-me Alerts

Have trouble remembering to use that gift card in your wallet? Perhaps you need to be nagged. ScripSmart's Nag-me Alerts remind you to use your gift card via email. Don't worry, we offer several intervals from daily to monthly and best of all when you tell us to stop nagging, we do.

State Law Grades

Just like we score gift cards, ScripSmart also monitors the laws regulating gift cards. Each state is graded A-F based on the several factors ranging from expiration limitations to unclaimed property law.

Green Badge


States which we believe are leaders in gift card legislation receive our gold badge.
Green Badge


States which we believe are on the right track in gift card legislation receive our green badge.
Green Badge


States which offer some consumer protecting, but require improvements receive the yellow badge. While these states have addressed gift cards in their legislation, they should go further.
Green Badge


States who do little to protect consumers from gift cards receive the red badge. These states need to address gift cards as they impact both consumers and business owners.

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