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  • What is ScripSmart?

    ScripSmart is a gift card information service. We simplify gift cards by offering easy to understand gift card reviews, scores, advice and account management services for consumers.

  • Why does the world need ScripSmart?

    Being smart with gift cards should be easy; unfortunately, it takes a bit more effort. So, we decided to do the heavy lifting and come up with some creative solutions to solving some of the well known downsides surrounding gift cards.

  • Why is your company named ScripSmart?

    According to our second favorite website, Wikipedia:

    "Scrip is any substitute for currency which is not legal tender and is often a form of credit."

    In other words, gift cards are a form of scrip. Combine that with our mission of making it easy for people to be smart with their gift cards and you get: Scrip + Smart or ScripSmart!

  • Who is behind ScripSmart?

    ScripSmart was founded by Judd Lillestrand in late 2009.

  • How did you come up with the idea for ScripSmart?

    We like things simple and straightforward and we noticed several areas related to gift cards which were not so simple. Things like: quickly spotting great gift cards, knowing what gotchas to look for, understanding gift card laws and remembering to use gift cards before they lose vale, become worthless or are simply lost in the washer.

  • Is ScripSmart a non-profit organization?

    No. While there is a consumer advocacy component to ScripSmart, we are a for-profit organization aiming to solve real problems for consumers. We like to think of ourselves as they type of company which does good for the community and earns money while doing it.

  • Does ScripSmart sell git cards?

    Technically, no. While ScripSmart is a great place to start your search for a gift card, we simply connect buyers to the companies who sell each gift card. For example, if you take a look at our review of the Gift Card, you'll see a link to 'Buy Card Now'. When clicking on the link, you'll be directed to's webpage for purchasing gift cards.

  • How does ScripSmart make money?

    ScripSmart currently generates revenue two ways:

    1. Advertisement's displayed on the website.
    2. Commission earned by directing prospective buyers from to the merchants who sell gift cards.

    For example, if you are researching the iTunes eGift Card on ScripSmart and click on the link to 'Buy Card Now', you'll be directed to Apple iTunes and ScripSmart will earn a commission on the sale of merchandise purchased.

  • Do you make money on every gift card listed on ScripSmart?

    No. However, we make every effort to monetize our gift card reviews. The fact is, some companies simply do not offer commission on the sale of their gift cards or products. Ultimately, we want ScripSmart to be the most comprehensive resource for gift cards; as such, we review gift cards regardless of whether they pay commission.

  • What are featured gift cards?

    ScripSmart highlights or features gift cards to users on several pages throughout In order to become a 'featured gift card', a gift card must meet both of the following criteria:

    1. The Gift Card Score is 80 or higher.
    2. ScripSmart earns commission for referring buyers who purchase the gift card.

Gift Card Score® & Gift Card Reviews

  • What is a Gift Card Score?

    Gift Card Score is ScripSmart's trademark for a patent pending methodology of evaluating the consumer friendliness of a gift card. In short, it's an algorithm which takes a bunch of input collected during our gift card review process and automatically scores the product from 0-100. Gift Card Score is designed to allow consumers the ability to quickly determine the consumer friendliness of a gift card.

  • Are all gift cards evaluated using the same algorithm?

    Yes, however there are nuances to the algorithm which make it smarter than just treating every gift card exactly the same. For example, a Traditional Plastic Gift Card's score is negatively impacted if there is no scratch-off feature. On the other hand, an eGift Card is not impacted for not having a scratch-off security feature, because it just doesn't make sense for gift card which you print or email to have a scratch-off security feature.

  • Where do you get your information on gift cards?

    ScripSmart's review process is thorough, yet simple. We use a combination of the card issuer's website, phone calls to customer support and even visits to the merchant physical location to collect the gift card attributes required for calculating a Gift Card Score.

  • Why do some gift cards have a display a message from the merchant?

    ScripSmart's provides gift card issuers with user accounts which allow them to add a custom message for consumers where their gift card is reviewed. This is a paid service and you can learn more in the "Gift Card Issuer Accounts by ScripSmart" section of this FAQ.

  • Is all ScripSmart's gift card information 100% accurate?

    Unfortunately, no. However, we strive for 100% accuracy because we know accurate information is paramount to the success of Gift Card Score. In reality, the attributes of a gift card may change without our knowledge or we might experience a brain fart (human error) during the review process. We believe the ScripSmart is the most comprehensive and accurate source of gift card information available to consumers, but it's not perfect.

  • What do I do if I notice an error on ScripSmart?

    Umm, be kind and let us know by shooting us an email!

  • Does the information on ScripSmart apply to every gift card issued by the company?

    No, currently ScripSmart's Gift Card Score is intended to reflect the gift card currently sold to consumers. It's possible the gift card in your possession is governed by different terms. For example, around August 22, 2010 several bank-issued gift cards changed terms to company with new federal gift card laws and there are Terms for gift cards purchased prior to August 22, 2010 and another set of terms for gift cards purchased on or after August 22, 2010.

  • If a gift card has a low Gift Card Score, does that mean I shouldn't buy it?

    Not necessarily. Gift Card Score is intended to make it easy for consumer to find the most consumer friendly and therefore best gift cards. However, the matter of 'best gift card' is subjective and Gift Card Score cannot account for which gift card your recipient will like most. If a gift card has a low Gift Card Score, just be sure to take a closer look at the policies and terms to ensure you know what you're giving.

  • Does the Gift Card Score algorithm ever change?

    In the early days it changed quite a bit. For now, we're satisfied with the algorithm and believe it represents an accurate reflection of the consumer friendliness of a gift card. As a result, we haven't made any recent changes. However, we may change it in the future and if it does, we'll re-sore all gift cards and let you know about it via the ScripSmart blog, newsletter, twitter account and any other way we communicate with you.

  • If ScripSmart makes money from gift card sales, how can I be assured ScripSmart's gift card reviews and corresponding Gift Card Score are truly unbiased?

    The algorithm which generates Gift Card Scores does not include the notion of whether or not ScripSmart earns commission. In reality, the majority of gift cards listed on ScripSmart do not pay a commission when gift cards are sold. In order to provide the service, we must also generate revenue. In the end, if you are uncomfortable with ScripSmart earning money, simply do not use the service.

  • Is Gift Card Score objective?

    Not necessarily. All gift cards are scored using the same algorithm and we collect the same data points for each gift card review. However, the algorithm was created by humans and is designed to reflect what ScripSmart sees as a consumer friendly. In other words, the factors included and weighing of such factors is inherently subjective.

State Law Grades

  • What are State Law Grades?

    ScripSmart researches state laws related to gift cards and provides helpful summaries to help consumers understand their rights. Each state is given a State Law Grade based on the state's level of consumer protection.

  • How are State Law Grades calculated?

    Each State Law Grades is generated using a scoring algorithm. It's similar to how we generate Gift Card Scores, only instead of getting a score between 0-100, each state receives a letter grade of A-F. Every state is graded using the same algorithm.

  • Does ScripSmart provide legal advice?

    No, we're in the business of making gift cards easier and provide summaries of various laws for the benefit of consumers. If you have a specific question regarding a state law, direct it to specialist such as your states attorney general or a lawyer familiar with such laws.

  • Where do you get the information on state and federal laws?

    We review the section code of state and federal laws to ascertain the laws surrounding gift cards. We also follow bills before the become laws.

  • Is ScripSmart's gift card law information 100% accurate?

    We do our best to make all information on ScripSmart is accurate. However, we can't guarantee 100% accuracy. We monitor changes in gift card laws and update information when laws change. If you believe any information on ScripSmart is inaccurate, please share your thoughts by sending us an email to and we'll look into it!

ScripSmart Accounts & Gift Card Alerts

  • Why should I sign up for a ScripSmart account?

    ScripSmart accounts allow you to take advantage of our helpful Gift Card Alert System. If you're one of those people who tend not to use your gift cards right away a ScripSmart Account will help you:

    1. Remember your gift cards and their value with a monthly summary of the gift cards you own.
    2. Know if a gift card you own is in jeopardy of becoming worthless by alerting you if the gift card issuer is in financial trouble or has filed for bankruptcy.
    3. Remember to use your gift cards with daily or weekly email Nag-me Alerts.
    4. Avoid getting stuck with an expired card by sending you an alert if your gift card is set to expire.

    If you would benefit from any of the services above, you should sign up for a FREE ScripSmart Account now!

  • How does ScripSmart know which gift cards I own?

    After you sign up for your FREE ScripSmart Account, you simply search the ScripSmart database of gift cards and add the cards you own. When you redeem the gift card, just mark it as used and remove it from your account. It's easy.

  • Should I add gift card numbers to my Account?

    No, ScripSmart Accounts do not currently use SSL encryption to protect gift card numbers. We recommend adding the gift card name, value and expiration date, but never the gift card number.

  • What if ScripSmart doesn't currently list every gift card I own?

    We're working to score every gift card, but we have a long way to go. Until we get there you can add a 'Custom Card' to your ScripSmart account.

  • How do you know when a company is going to file for bankruptcy and a gift card may be impacted?

    We live, breath and eat gift cards. BTW, They're great with milk. :)

    There's no magic sauce here. We simply follow the industry, monitor company financials and have a complex set of news feeds to give us an indication as to when a ScripSmart Bankruptcy Alerts should be broadcast.

  • If a company files for bankruptcy, does that mean the gift card is already or will soon be worthless?

    No, but it's a good reason to go out and redeem your gift card! There are two types of bankruptcy protection commonly used by corporations in financial distress:

    1. Chapter 11: This form of bankruptcy indicates the company plans to reorganize it's finances and often gift cards are still sold and accepted while a company is "in bankruptcy".
    2. Chapter 7: This form of bankruptcy indicates the company is going out of business and will no longer sell or accept gift cards. However, there are times when the company may wind down it's operations and accept gift cards before closing the doors for good.

    In either case, when you hear of a company filing for bankruptcy protection, it's smart move to go out and redeem the gift card ASAP.

Gift Card Issuers/Gift Card Managers

Gift Card Issuer Accounts by ScripSmart

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