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Vanilla Visa Gift Card

Vanilla Visa Gift Card

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Vanilla Visa Gift Card

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  • No hidden fees, Funds do not expire after 'Valid Thru' +
  • Redeemable within the United States Visa Debit cards are accepted +
  • Lost, stolen or damaged gift cards may be replaced +
  • Check gift card balance online and by phone +
  • Redeemable in-store, online and by phone
  • Gift Card Terms and an FAQ provided online +
  • Redeemable in-store at all locations +
  • Offers online gift card registration +
  • Issued by a financial institution +
  • Why it's only average

  • Gift card cannot be register via phone +
  • $5.95 purchase fee +
  • Gift card may not be resold or traded +
  • Cannot check gift card balance in-store at all locations +
  • Cannot buy gift card online
  • More details about the Vanilla Visa Gift Card

    Cards purchased prior to August 22, 2010 have different terms. $5.95 purchase fee is based on a $50 gift card. Purchase fee may vary. Card may not be used outside the United States. Issued by Silverton Bank, N.A.

    Vanilla Visa Gift Card Replacement Details

    If your Card has been lost or stolen call 1-800-571-1376. You will need the Card number and other identifying details. If records indicate a balance remains on the Card, we will cancel the Card and may refund such available balance amounts to you in the form of another gift Card($5.95 replacement fee).

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    ScripSmart User Reviews


    by Michelle on Jul 5, 2012

    Gratuity mandated at 20%?

    Ok, so everyone has been to a restaurant that automatically adds 18% if there is a large group at the table and we all know that "normal gratuity" is 15%. Vanilla seems to disagree..they hold it at 20%.
    So, if your in a salon, restaurant, or anywhere else that has a possible gratuity, your new available balance is at $41.00, or you get the "I'm sorry, but your card was declined" which is always a favorite when standing in line to settle a bill surrounded by family, friends and complete strangers.
    I'd love to inform Vanilla that gratuity is NOT automatic. If the service was substandard, then there is no tip left, but Vanilla still leaves you hanging...even after you spent the $5 to activate it.
    Put simply, Vanilla Visa sucks. Avoid at all costs, less you have to suffer at the 5 places in the last month I have tried to use them (my boyfriend and I received several this month for our birthdays).


    by Rick on May 15, 2012

    I received the card as a gift. Its value started to drop after 6 months due to fees that total $2.50 per month. It didnt take long after that until the card was worth nothing. The first customer rep I spoke to said she could not do anything and that the terms are stated with the card at the time of purchase. Really?? Ohhh,...I found it... First you buy the card, then rip it open to actually get to the terms where they tell you about the fees. Nice... (Open the gift card before you give it to someone?? ..well.. OK) DO NOT BUY GIFT CARDS FROM THIS SELLER.

    I may ammend this... as I said the first rep. couldn't or rather wouldn't do anything. Frustrated ... I called back 5 minutes later and another rep told me it would be no problem to refund the fees and even offered a replacement card at no charge with the full $50.00 available. I was told I would receive the card in 7-10 days. I will let you know how it pans out.

    I just hope they pick a better bank to deal with than when my card was issued. They originally chose Silverton Bank of Georgia. You know.. the largest bank failure in Georgia history. Look it up on Google. More to come after I get and use my new card. :-)


    by Pete on May 10, 2012

    I buy these cards mainly to pay my bills online (I dont trust putting my bank card info out there)Never had a major issue with this card. only issues ive had was returns going back to card take 3 days to clear (alot of times if you let the teller know it was a gift card and you just thew it away they can issue a credit in some other form IE- store credit or manager can over-ride and give cash). some places will not take the card IE= gas stations (pay at pump)if you dont register the card with your zip code (best to pre-pay inside),same with if you try to make online purchase's. you can avoid alot of headach if you go online and register the card.


    by Beth on Apr 29, 2012

    We received a Visa Vanilla gift card for $50 as a gift from a family member. We used it to purchase two toys at a local store for $11. A few days later we returned one of the toys, and the return was processed on the same Visa gift card. Since then, the card has been declined everywhere else. When I called to figure out what was going on, they said the first purchase never went through, but the return did, so the card was deactivated, adn the only way to re-activate is to send them the receipts for both the purchase and the return. Otherwise, teh card is no good and they basically stole $50 from us. In fact, they keep telling us that we have a $58 balance on the card because of the return, which is supposed to make us feel better. But of course, we can't actually USE the card, so this is completely useless.


    by Justin on Mar 12, 2012

    The worst gift card i ever had, they charged more than 30$ as a monthly maintenance fees... IT IS A MONEY TRAP!!!


    by Shane on May 30, 2011

    I've tried searching everywhere online for whether this card is accepted for online use. And on my way to finding that out, I've heard that it DOES have monthly fee's after 7 months of purchase, even though it clearly says there are no fee's after purchase. I'm still trying to find a place to activate the card.
    Bottom line, this card is almost purely false advertising, don't use it, and it's not consistent at all.
    Also, the support numbers you see above, they don't work.


    by Emily on Dec 24, 2010

    This card is NOT accepted everywhere VISA is accepted. I've yet to find a gas station that takes this card (at the pump or inside). Also, I've been rejected by every restaurant where I've tried to use this card. The card given to me has a $500 balance, so it's not that there is insufficient funds (and this has been confirmed online and I've registered the card). The only place I've found that accepts this card is the grocery store and large, retailer pharmacies (CVS, RiteAid). With the price to purchase and monthly fees, this is not a good card to give.