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Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card

Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card

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Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card

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  • No hidden fees, Funds do not expire after 'Valid Thru' +
  • Lost, stolen or damaged gift cards may be replaced +
  • International redemption
  • Check gift card balance online and by phone +
  • Redeemable in-store, online and by phone
  • Gift Card Terms and an FAQ provided online +
  • Offers online gift card registration +
  • Issued by a financial institution +
  • Why it's only average

  • Gift card cannot be register via phone +
  • $5.95 purchase fee +
  • Gift card may not be resold or traded +
  • Cannot check gift card balance in-store at all locations +
  • Cannot buy gift card online
  • More details about the Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card

    Cards purchased prior to August 22, 2010 have different terms. $5.95 purchase fee is based on a $50 gift card. Purchase fee may vary. Issued by Silverton Bank, N.A.

    Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card Replacement Details

    Lost or stolen Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card maybe be replaced by calling 1-800-571-1376. The gift card number and other identifying details will be required. If records indicate a balance remains on the gift card a new gift card may be issued.

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    ScripSmart User Reviews


    by Jane Barscz on Mar 6, 2014

    Vanilla Gift Card Master Card

    If I could give this card a 0 rating I would. Got this gift card for Christmas and it cannot be used. Everywhere I try to use it the message comes up decline. I've tried using it at Lowes and at CVS. CVS told me these cards never work and people are having major problems with them. Please do not get this gift card for anyone. I feel it is a scam.


    by Shawn Modiri on Feb 11, 2014

    Shitty company

    Never ever buy this credit card (Vanilla Mastercard) . I purchased a $100 card last week. When I was trying to use it I found out it was not working . I contacted Mastercard and I was told the card did not get activated at the time of purchase. The company received all the info from me including : Name, Home Address , Card Number, and of course a lot more information from my receipt ( spent 40 minutes on the call) . I was later told that I need to wait for 3-5 buisiness days so that they could investigate it. After 5 days, I called them back again inquiring about the status of my card . Guess what, I was told again that the investigation might take a couple of more days.
    So right now I am not sure how long I need to wait before this card gets activated if it ever gets activated.


    by Julia on Dec 29, 2012

    Not a good product

    What a bad product!!!! I am working at shoppers drug mart system and I have so many customers having problems!!! The most ridiculous of all u need send to the company reside and then wait up to two weeks so money would be there!!!! Well I was only watching it out side as customer servant. Now I got 2 master card each was 200$ as a gift. Non was working what a surprise!!! Not only I need to send resides 3 times also 2 weeks of waiting is not something u would expect from company that already notice about they Problems. What a shity product. Now and on I will strongly suggest my customers do not purchase that horrible product. I will make sure non would go threw my hands to the customers. And most funny I can't get money back either haha!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol what a joke.


    by Person on Jan 2, 2012

    This card has been an absolute pain. I got one this year for xmas and whenever I try to use it then I get a message that the credit card company declined my information. I registered it and it still isn't working. This has been more trouble then it was worth. I do not recommend getting this gift card. Instead, you should definitely get an actual gift-card issued by a credit card company. I doubt there is even money behind it.