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Newegg eGift Card

Newegg eGift Card

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Why it's a top rated gift card

  • No hidden fees, gift card never expires +
  • Lost, stolen or damaged gift cards may be replaced +
  • Free shipping when ordering online
  • Check gift card balance online and by phone +
  • Redeemable online
  • Gift Card Terms disclosed online +
  • How it could be even better

  • Multiple gift cards may not be consolidated +
  • No Gift Card FAQ available online +
  • Not redeemable for cash unless required by state law +
  • More details about the Newegg eGift Card

    Also redeemable on A Gift Card cannot be used toward the purchase of a new Gift Card. Gift card are not redeemable for pre-order items. A refund may be issued within seven (7) calendar days after purchase. Funds will be credited to the original credit or debit card used to purchase the Gift Card.

    Newegg eGift Card Replacement Details

    Lost or stolen Gift Cards are replaced (to the extent of remaining balance) only with valid proof of purchase.

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