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Why it's a top rated gift card

  • No hidden fees, Funds do not expire after 'Valid Thru' +
  • Redeemable within the United States Visa Debit cards are accepted +
  • Lost, stolen or damaged gift cards may be replaced +
  • Check gift card balance online and by phone +
  • Redeemable in-store and online
  • Gift Card Terms and an FAQ provided online +
  • Offers both online and phone gift card registration +
  • Issued by a financial institution +
  • How it could be even better

  • $3.95 purchase fee +
  • $1.99 shipping fee when buying the Visa Gift Card online +
  • Non-transferable after the card is signed +
  • Cannot check gift card balance in-store at all locations +
  • More details about the Visa Gift Card

    This Card is issued by MetaBank and is one of the few Visa Gift Cards with no post-sale fees. Visa Gift Card Replacement Details

    If your Card is lost or stolen, call Customer Service 24/7 toll-free at 1-888-524-1283 to cancel your Card as soon as you can. You will need to know your Card number, so be sure to record it in a safe place. You may also be required to provide additional information. If funds remain on your card, you will be sent a free replacement Card.

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    ScripSmart User Reviews


    by Sita33 on Sep 29, 2012


    I purchased a Metabank Visa from Price Chopper before going on vacation (within the US) to keep expenses on 1 card. When I tried to pay for dinner for my family, the card got denied. We thought it was the location, so we went to another restaurant. It too was denied. I called the 888# only to hear that they "are experiencing difficulties and apologize for the inconvenience." We did not eat dinner that evening, and had to buy gas station food purchased with what little change we had. The following day I called again, and heard a different message asking to enter card # to hear balance. I tried purchasing something & it worked. However, a few hours later, again the card got denied. I called the 888# and again heard the "experiencing difficulties and apologize for the inconvenience" message. Our vacation has been ruined due to this! We were unable to pay for entrance fees, movie tickets, and purchase souvenirs due to this VISA that sometime works and sometimes doesn't. Save yourself the HUGE inconvenience and avoid this card at all costs!! Imagine if we had to pay for our hotel room with the card? We would have had to sleep in the car! Simply piss poor business practices.