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  • No hidden fees, Funds do not expire after 'Valid Thru' +
  • Redeemable within the United States anywhere American Express cards are accepted +
  • Lost, stolen or damaged gift cards may be replaced +
  • Unused gift cards may be refunded for cash +
  • Check gift card balance online and by phone +
  • Redeemable in-store and online
  • Gift Card Terms and an FAQ provided online +
  • Offers gift card registration by phone +
  • Issued by American Express +
  • Why it's only average

  • No online gift card registration feature +
  • $3.95 purchase fee +
  • $8.95 shipping fee when buying the American Express Gift Card online +
  • Non-transferable +
  • Cannot check gift card balance in-store at all locations +
  • More details about the American Express Gift Card

    FREE SHIPPING: Use promotion code AFLQ12013 for free 2 day shipping. (Valid until 10/01/2012) Call 1-877-297-4438 to register the cards for online purchases. Not redeemable outside the United States. American Express is no longer shipping Gift Cards, which are ordered from this website, to the states of Hawaii, LA or VT The Card cannot be used at cruise lines, for recurring billing charges, at casinos, or ATMs. American Express has eliminated all fees after purchase on its Gift Cards. Starting on September 30, 2009, Gift Cards issued by American Express will no longer incur monthly service fees. This includes Gift Cards now in stores, those headed to market, and those already purchased.

    American Express Gift Card Replacement Details

    Lost, stolen or damaged American Express Gift Cards may be replaced by calling the American Express Gift Card Customer Service Number, 1-877-297-4438.

    You will need to provide your name, address, Card number, CID and other details for identification purposes.

    American Express Gift Card Cash Back Detail

    You may choose not to agree to the Terms and Conditions of the American Express eGift Card and receive a refund for the value of the gift card by calling 1-877-297-4438.

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    ScripSmart User Reviews


    by Natalie on Mar 1, 2012

    The website crashes. I call the customer service number. A woman answers who is unintelligible (and I teach internationals all day long). She says to try it again. I try it again. Nothing. I call again because I try to use Membership Reward points. Guest what? My points are taken but no cards! Membership Reward customer service is great, but they can't credit my points back. They transfer me to gift card service again. SAME horrible woman. She puts on her supervisor "Matthew," whose English is better but who does not have a brain. He argues with me that Membership Rewards must give back the points, but I tell him the problem is with the Gift Card division, not rewards. Round and round we go. I lost the points, no cards, and I won't do business with that division ever again. Stay away -- AX clearly has no interest in making this a business that works!


    by Pixipoppi on Feb 12, 2012

    I wouldn't even give this one star to be honest. If you are going to buy any type of prepaid gift card, I would suggest Visa. Hubby and I have had nothing but problems with any Amex cards we have purchased. We tried to use it on for baby stuff....declined. Tried to use it on a cosmetics site...declined and told they don't accept prepaid cards which is odd because I've used prepaid visas on that same site for 3 years now with no problem so it has to just be amex cards. Tried to order off of Amazon...declined...TWICE. It's not very convenient when you have to call to register the card after you purchase it. Especially since we have never had to register any Visa cards we have purchased and if we did, you can do it online in a matter of seconds. I would seriously suggest skipping these cards and going with Visa. Period.


    by Gaston on Nov 13, 2010

    wish the American Express page was a bit more user friendly.


    by Ashiya on Aug 1, 2011

    I give this a 1 star. Doesnt let you register online and doesnt work on ebay. :(
    I bought a Visa Gift card a while ago, it got registered online in a few minutes and was ready to work. There were no problems. Now im going to have to use this giftcard on useless items outside, when what i need is on ebay. there goes another 25 bucks. -.-
    Im very dissapointed with this card.