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November 2012

10 best gift cards for holiday shopping

"Gift card monitoring site ScripSmart assigns zero-to-100 scores to gift cards from retailers throughout the U.S. ... whith it's help, we came up with 10 gift cards..."


November 2012

Go ahead -- give a gift card

"Gift cards are only as good as the retailer or restaurant issuing them," writes Jason Notte of He suggests checking with the ScripSmart website, which "has no qualms about separating the solid companies from those on shaky ground."


May 2012

ScripSmart Helps Consumers With Gift Cards

"Gold medals have become so cherished among retailers that major companies such as Bass Pro Shops and Cinemark movie theatres have advertised the ScripSmart honors on their own gift card websites."


April 2012

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs take a gamble on Las Vegas

"Inside a small room in downtown Las Vegas, a group of individuals are hard at work, trying to execute the next billion-dollar idea."


December 2011

5 Ways to Spend Gift Cards Wisely

" allow users to manage popular gift cards in one spot and sign up for email reminders about your balance. The site also sends out bankruptcy alerts if a business is showing signs of bankruptcy..."


December 2011

Cashing in on Your Gift Cards

"...register your gift cards on []; it will send you reminders and alerts about your balances so you never forget about that gift card."


December 2011

Gift Card Do's and Don'ts

"ScripSmart Founder and CEO Judd Lillestrand discusses gift cards with Fox 5 Vegas' Monica Jackson."


November 2011

5 Great Holiday Gift Cards Stocking Stuffers

"With help from ScripSmart, we came up with the best five gift cards to stuff a stocking with this [2011] holiday season."


November 2011

Your Best Weapons for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Battles

"[For gift cards] a great place to start is ScripSmart, which is a site that ranks all of the cards."


November 2011

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Battle Plans

"A great site to go to first is ScripSmart. This site ranks the cards and you can at least avoid the ones that have big problems and actually find some rather good ones."


November 2011

More Gift Cards, Fewer Tricks

"Prepaid gift cards in particular have become friendlier over the past year to comply with the new law, says Lillestrand."


November 2011

Report Finds Few Gift Cards Include Fees, Expiration Dates

"ScripSmart serves as a resource for consumers and incentive planners looking for information about the terms and transparency of hundreds of gift cards..."


October 2011

Perks and drawbacks of gift cards

" promises to do all the leg work so you can make quick, informed, decisions before you buy. "


September 2011

Problem Solvers Of The Month

"Not all gift cards are created equal. [ScripSmart] grades options from various stores on a 100-point scale, based on factors such as expiration date, refund policy and shipping rates. So before you shell out, you'll know which are the flat-out best deals."


July 2011

Don't Let Groupons Go to Waste

"ScripSmart founder, Judd Lillestrand, weighs in on the popularity of 'daily deals' and the legal gray area they stand as it relates to gift card laws."


July 2011

What to do with your Borders gift cards

"Andrea Woroch, consumer and money saving expert, recommends ScripSmart. Coverage begins at 2 minutes and 20 seconds into the clip."


July 2011

ScripSmart's Gift Card Score—What's in Your Wallet?

"...there are other factors to consider when comparing gift cards, and the ScripSmart Gift Card Score is a tool that helps managers and consumers do just that."


July 2011

Gift Cards—the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

"ScripSmart founder Judd Lillestrand joins Consumer Reports' Michele Jun and First Data's Michael Hursta for a discussion on gift cards. ScripSmart's portion starts 35 minutes into the clip."


April 2011

Which Gift Cards You Need to Avoid

" is a great website to check out if you’re in the market for a gift card but want to make sure you (or, its recipient) don’t lose any value on the investment."


January 2011

ScripSmart Remembers Your Gift Card Expirations (So You Don't Have To)

"ScripSmart will tell you both the pros and cons of that particular gift card so you can see a summary of the fine print in a way that's far easier to understand."


December 2010

Sell it, swap it or save it, but don't waste a gift card

"If you think you will use the gift card one day (say you plan to use it buy gifts for a spring wedding), sign up for free monthly reminders at"


December 2010

Getting the Most From Gift Cards

"If you received a gift card and you're a forgetful person...head over to It'll just send you alerts to keep you one top of your gift cards."


December 2010

How to Avoid Wasting Another Gift Card

"If you want to know how your state stacks up, ScripSmart offers a state-by-state gift card law summary that can help you out."


December 2010

Gift Cards With Bells and Whistles

"ScripSmart allows people to sign up and enter their gift card information. It then sends reminders about expiration dates or alerts if the retailer is showing signs of going bankrupt."


December 2010

Return of the Gift Cards

"Retailers are using that loophole to drive traffic during the slow post-holiday period, says Judd Lillestrand, the founder of gift-card rating site ScripSmart."


November 2010

Gift Cards: Ratings of Sources

" is a comprehensive consumer guide to gift cards, providing ratings for hundreds of gift cards in various categories. The site also includes information on gift card laws, both federal and state..."


November 2010

Gift card laws ranked by state

" has compiled a resource on gift card laws by state. Only six states get a grade of A in the survey..."


November 2010

The Best And Worst Gift Cards

"With holiday shopping season upon us, we took a look at ScripSmart's latest ratings to gauge the best and worst gift card deals right now."


November 2010

E-Gift Cards Flood Facebook

"Sending an e-gift card on Facebook makes it a little more personal, and as a retailer, you want to be where the customers are spending time says Judd Lillestrand, the founder of ScripSmart, a website that evaluates gift cards."


November 2010

Not All Gift Cards Created Equal: 10 Gift Cards To Buy, 5 Gift Cards To Avoid During The 2010 Holiday Season

"ScripSmart, a service for consumers and their gift cards, utilized Gift Card Score® to determine the most consumer friendly national gift card programs available."


September 2010

The Gift Card Minefield: How To Get Your Money’s Worth

"The good news is, gift cards are easy to buy. The bad: once they end up in the intended receiver’s wallet, they’re like minefields waiting to explode in a variety of hidden fees and regulatory quirks."


August 2010

Manage your gift cards with Scripsmart

"The most useful feature of Scripsmart is that it systematically ranks not just the cards themselves, but also the relevant governing laws of each US state, assigning both card and state a grade from A to F – just like in school."


August 2010

ScripSmart Launches Gift Card Score - Scoring Algorithm Helps Consumers Make Decisions

"Gift Card Score is a solution for evaluating gift cards. Every gift card is scored utilizing the same algorithm."


June 2010

How To Avoid Getting Stuck With A Worthless Gift Card

"Another resource is, which provides consumer-minded information about gift card purchases. It recently set up an alert system that pings subscribers whenever a gift-card issuer is in financial distress."


May 2010

Lots of useful gift card information at ScripSmart

"...ScripSmart has tackled one of the things I’ve had on my list for a long time but never got around to – compiling information on all lots of individual gift cards."