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Florida Gift Card Law

Last updated on March 20, 2012


What we like:

  • No expiration dates or post-sale fees allowed
  • Gift cards do not escheat to the State of Florida
  • Florida has legally defined the notion of a gift card
  • Florida has legally specified whether or not gift cards escheat to the state

What could be better:

  • Merchants are not required to give cash back
  • Florida does not maintain a consumer-centric web page dedicated to gift card laws

Heads up! ScripSmart attempts to make all information accurate. ScripSmart is only a guideline and does not provide definitive statements of the law. If you have questions about the law's application to a particular case, direct them to a specialist.

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The following types of gift cards are excluded form Florida Gift Card Law:

Bank Cards, Cards donated to a charity, Cards for admission to an entertainment complex, Cards for admission to a theme park, Employee Incentive Cards (Employeer must be the Issuer), Free loyalty/promotional cards

Good to know for Florida residents:

Gift cards given as a charitable contribution may expire after three years. Gift cards given as part of an employee incentive program may expire in one year. Any such expiration must be disclosed in writing at the time of receipt. Gift cards given as part of a rewards or loyalty program may expire anytime. Any such gift card must not be paid for with a separately identifiable charge. Gift cards given in conjunction with a conference, convention or event may expire at any time. However, the majority of value paid by the recipient must be attributed towards the such event. Bank Issued gift cards do escheat to the state.

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