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Vanilla Visa Gift Card


by Rick on May 15, 2012

Vanilla Visa Gift Card

I received the card as a gift. Its value started to drop after 6 months due to fees that total $2.50 per month. It didnt take long after that until the card was worth nothing. The first customer rep I spoke to said she could not do anything and that the terms are stated with the card at the time of purchase. Really?? Ohhh,...I found it... First you buy the card, then rip it open to actually get to the terms where they tell you about the fees. Nice... (Open the gift card before you give it to someone?? ..well.. OK) DO NOT BUY GIFT CARDS FROM THIS SELLER.

I may ammend this... as I said the first rep. couldn't or rather wouldn't do anything. Frustrated ... I called back 5 minutes later and another rep told me it would be no problem to refund the fees and even offered a replacement card at no charge with the full $50.00 available. I was told I would receive the card in 7-10 days. I will let you know how it pans out.

I just hope they pick a better bank to deal with than when my card was issued. They originally chose Silverton Bank of Georgia. You know.. the largest bank failure in Georgia history. Look it up on Google. More to come after I get and use my new card. :-)