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Vanilla Visa Gift Card


by Michelle on Jul 5, 2012

Vanilla Visa Gift Card

Gratuity mandated at 20%?

Ok, so everyone has been to a restaurant that automatically adds 18% if there is a large group at the table and we all know that "normal gratuity" is 15%. Vanilla seems to disagree..they hold it at 20%.
So, if your in a salon, restaurant, or anywhere else that has a possible gratuity, your new available balance is at $41.00, or you get the "I'm sorry, but your card was declined" which is always a favorite when standing in line to settle a bill surrounded by family, friends and complete strangers.
I'd love to inform Vanilla that gratuity is NOT automatic. If the service was substandard, then there is no tip left, but Vanilla still leaves you hanging...even after you spent the $5 to activate it.
Put simply, Vanilla Visa sucks. Avoid at all costs, less you have to suffer at the 5 places in the last month I have tried to use them (my boyfriend and I received several this month for our birthdays).