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by Sita33 on Sep 29, 2012 Visa Gift Card


I purchased a Metabank Visa from Price Chopper before going on vacation (within the US) to keep expenses on 1 card. When I tried to pay for dinner for my family, the card got denied. We thought it was the location, so we went to another restaurant. It too was denied. I called the 888# only to hear that they "are experiencing difficulties and apologize for the inconvenience." We did not eat dinner that evening, and had to buy gas station food purchased with what little change we had. The following day I called again, and heard a different message asking to enter card # to hear balance. I tried purchasing something & it worked. However, a few hours later, again the card got denied. I called the 888# and again heard the "experiencing difficulties and apologize for the inconvenience" message. Our vacation has been ruined due to this! We were unable to pay for entrance fees, movie tickets, and purchase souvenirs due to this VISA that sometime works and sometimes doesn't. Save yourself the HUGE inconvenience and avoid this card at all costs!! Imagine if we had to pay for our hotel room with the card? We would have had to sleep in the car! Simply piss poor business practices.