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TD Bank Visa Gift Card


by Michelle on Oct 23, 2012

TD Bank Visa Gift Card

TD Bank Scams folks of their gift!

My 16 yr-old just ran down from her room screaming with excitement, finding her bag of lost Christmas gift cards from 2010. One happened to be from Pop-pop & Gramma, issued by TD. Not recalling if she used any portion of them we logged in to find, 1) The card was never used 2) registered to my dad but addressed in ME (we're in NJ, ME is where TD location). 3) did have an insert in the envelope of the tiniest Terms & Conds. Which stated ME issued cards carry a 2.50 monthly fee after 365 days, whereas, NJ issued cards are charged the same monthly fee but after 24 months 4) half her balance was used up bc of the wrong location on the registration. CS line consists of interns or middle school aged kids...none of which, including the "claimed only manager" who stated he reports to no1? Wow some job! 4 calls & all different excuses...when asked to state the fees related & to which state they apply, got nothing but air. Manager, went as far to claim he is the only 1 with access to the date of issue, as previous rep#1 only can go back 12months, rep2 can't access issue date, & rep3 showed account closed, said card was depleted. However, humorous...mgr gave a solid issue date 1st as 2009, then Jan 2009, then Dec 2009, as I continued to argue his claim the 365 days had passed...but card fees started in 11/11, which didn't support his claim. Finally asked him to "Please humor me & count 13 months from Dec 2009. His response, nothing they can do. So I asked for his info, Cary empl #5051, but refused to provide an office location or even state.

I def will take this to bbb, but save yourself the headache or heartbreak of gift loss & get the Vanilla Visa Gift Card, good for 4yrs & fee clock starts with 1st purchase. & have awesome CS.