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Gift2Go Visa Gift Card


by Az Granny on Nov 27, 2010

Gift2Go Visa Gift Card

We bought a $100 Gift2Go Visa at Walgreens, when they sold their gift cards at the register. Shortly after our purchase we discovered the card had a zero balance although we had not used the card nor had it been out of our possession. We filed a claim January 2009, with Gift2Go and were promised they would refund our $100. They mailed a claim form which we returned and that was the last contact they initiated. We have called numerous times, all to no avail. Each customer service rep tells us something different, not one of them will transfer us to a supervisor. The last person we spoke with said we'd have to send an email through the contact form on their website. We received no response from that either.

What we do know is that somebody in another state somehow used the same card numbers to rent a car which we retained the card in our possession. How they rented without having the physical card in hand was a mystery, just as it was a mystery why Gift2Go wouldn't follow up.

Needless to say, I was NOT surprised when I looked at the New Jersey Better Business Bureau report for Gift2Go. Hundreds of complaints, no responses, no resolutions.

Avoid this company like the plague!