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White House Black Market Gift Card


by G1197 on Dec 23, 2012

White House Black Market Gift Card

Unethical Policies

Was shopping for a Christmas gift for my wife at the mall. I bought a Gift Card, then walked out of the store into a jewelry store. Decided on a gift at the jewelry, and went to return the gift card at WHBM. They said they couldn't do that, even with the receipt and the original card. They pointed me to their policy, called the "No Hassle 60 day return Policy" (yeah, right), which states that git cards cannot be redeemed for cash. I told them I am not returning for cash, but credit on the credit card I just used for purchasing the gift card. This policy, which isn't on the receipt or in the store, is only on the back of the gift card (which they wrap and NEVER present to you to read first). I have never seen a store use such unethical practices.