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Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card


by Julia on Dec 29, 2012

Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card

Not a good product

What a bad product!!!! I am working at shoppers drug mart system and I have so many customers having problems!!! The most ridiculous of all u need send to the company reside and then wait up to two weeks so money would be there!!!! Well I was only watching it out side as customer servant. Now I got 2 master card each was 200$ as a gift. Non was working what a surprise!!! Not only I need to send resides 3 times also 2 weeks of waiting is not something u would expect from company that already notice about they Problems. What a shity product. Now and on I will strongly suggest my customers do not purchase that horrible product. I will make sure non would go threw my hands to the customers. And most funny I can't get money back either haha!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol what a joke.