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Bass Pro Shops Gift Card


by Ca on Aug 1, 2013

Bass Pro Shops Gift Card

Card becomes "Dormant"

My brother gave me a Bass Pro Gift Card for my birthday in October of 2012. I tried to use it on August 1, 2013, and it would not work. I called the 24 hour customer service, and they said it went "dormant" because it is an old card. The back of the card states its good for 2 years. The customer service said that I would have to call during business hours to try to do anything....So much for 24 hour customer service. This is not a gift, it's a headache. PLEASE do not give a loved one a headache for a gift. Give an Amazon card instead!

Update: November 22, 2014
I noticed that a user named "Greg" responded to my posting. "Greg" obviously did not handle my complaint when I called Bass Pro. "Greg" also can not read. As stated, the card was given as a gift in 2012, not 2009. It had NOT even been over a year when it became invalid. "Greg" is correct in that they will re-issue a card. They will NOT however re-activate the card you have in your hand. You MUST wait for them to mail it to you. The reason I was especially disappointed with Bass Pro in my situation, was because bow hunting season was starting in September and there was some gear I wanted to purchase before the season start. By the time I received the card, it was too late. I ended up giving away the card I received in the mail (not as a gift - it was included with a real gift, with the caveat that they may have as much trouble as I had using the card).
As I stated in my posting... This is a HEADACHE! Go with Amazon, and give a gift that will be enjoyed!