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Gift2Go Visa Gift Card


by Mark on Dec 9, 2013

Gift2Go Visa Gift Card

Gift2go ripoff

As the name implies, this gift card was a gift. Being a person with not a whole lot of money to spend on items that aren't necessity I held off on purchasing items I didn't need. Well when the time came that I needed the extra cash, particularly around the holiday season they magically say I have no balance. I find that hard to believe as the cars was still in the cardboard package. I assume the card was given to me by a family member the past holiday season. Which family member I can't remember. I call customer service and they say I need to have the original receipt! Why on earth would I have that, I didn't purchase it and if the purchaser trusted your company, which they falsely did when they gave gift2go $50 they wouldn't feel the need to keep a receipt for, according to the expiration date on the card, 7 years! I asked if there was a balance on the card and I'm sure the customer care rep was scripted to say the receipt will tell us that information. To that I replied that gift2go cannot keep track of their one and only duty to handle their business properly and keep records of card balances. Then magically the story changes to that the card must not have been activated by the retailer. Nice! Put the blame on the retailers that put your product on their shelves and give them the bad name. To that I would tell Walgreens, CVS, any grocery store, Lowes or gas station and any many more to not put gift2go cards on their shelf. Gift2go cards are obviously looking at cards that haven't been used in a while as easy money and they realize that if a consumer hasn't used the card in a while, it is unlikely that that consumer would be able to produce a receipt. Taking advantage of your customers is no way to do business Gift2go!