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Regions Bank Visa Gift Card


by Jane Hladky on Jan 1, 2014

Regions Bank Visa Gift Card

This card is a Rip OFF !!

I was given a gift card which has a date of expiration on it for Sept 2017. I call today to activate the card and am told because I did not activate it in a 'timely manner' the card is now Closed and there are no funds available!! My arguement is that the amount purchased for the gift card is 'attached' to This Specific Gift Card # and until I 'Activate' it- it should not have a monthly fee deducted. Once the card is 'Activated' I can understand that there may be a monthly fee deducted for non use. But to deduct a monthly fee when the card has never been activated is beyond comprehension. I think Regions Bank needs to honor the gift card for the original amount. I was told because I didn't remember the original amount they could not ' help' me. Obviously the customer service rep had that information in front of him but was unwilling to make the situation right for a consumer. That's just poor business to me and I am thoroughly aggrevated, frustrated and unhappy with Regions Bank. If they wish to rectify the situation- I will expect an e-mail from their corporate offices informing me I can contact them and they will honor my card. If not- I would suggest not to do any business with Regions Bank.