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Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card


by Shawn Modiri on Feb 11, 2014

Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card

Shitty company

Never ever buy this credit card (Vanilla Mastercard) . I purchased a $100 card last week. When I was trying to use it I found out it was not working . I contacted Mastercard and I was told the card did not get activated at the time of purchase. The company received all the info from me including : Name, Home Address , Card Number, and of course a lot more information from my receipt ( spent 40 minutes on the call) . I was later told that I need to wait for 3-5 buisiness days so that they could investigate it. After 5 days, I called them back again inquiring about the status of my card . Guess what, I was told again that the investigation might take a couple of more days.
So right now I am not sure how long I need to wait before this card gets activated if it ever gets activated.