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by Grad on Jan 6, 2012 Visa Gift Card

"Don't use this store! I asked some friends to all pitch in to a group gift card for another friend. After all of them had paid, and we were ready to get it shipped, I went to redeem it--for $40.00!! That's right, to send a group gift card costs $40 because there is an obligatory cardboard accordion card shipped only by FedEx, only at express speed. The only other option? To refund all of the individual contributors--a uneasy task if you have already spent time organizing people to contribute to a joint gift that has deadlines (like birthdays, weddings, retirement dates--you know, times when gifts are given). You can't convert it into an e-gift card. You can't even get it sent without the accordion card. Its misleading, dishonest, and feels like a scam--avoid!"