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Bass Pro Shops Gift Card

Response from Issuer - May 4, 2012

Greg responded to Rudy Pittman Bass Pro Shops Gift Card

The cards never expire and have no fees. Bass Pro Shops has a great selection of outdoor gear for everybody in the family. What's not to love? An old policy said that after two years of inactivity the cards would go inactive (NOT expire), but holders of cards such as this can simply call the number on the back of the card or take the card to one of our retail locations to have a new card issued in place of the inactive card.

Bass Pro Shops Gift Card

Response from Issuer - Feb 4, 2014

Greg responded to Ca Bass Pro Shops Gift Card


This card was, at the latest, issued in the middle of 2009. We changed our terms and conditions to not go dormant at that time. We have, as a company, ALWAYS reissued these cards however. Please call us back and we will be glad to take care of you. I apologize for the mis-information you were given.