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American Express Gift Card


by Pixipoppi on Feb 12, 2012

American Express Gift Card

I wouldn't even give this one star to be honest. If you are going to buy any type of prepaid gift card, I would suggest Visa. Hubby and I have had nothing but problems with any Amex cards we have purchased. We tried to use it on for baby stuff....declined. Tried to use it on a cosmetics site...declined and told they don't accept prepaid cards which is odd because I've used prepaid visas on that same site for 3 years now with no problem so it has to just be amex cards. Tried to order off of Amazon...declined...TWICE. It's not very convenient when you have to call to register the card after you purchase it. Especially since we have never had to register any Visa cards we have purchased and if we did, you can do it online in a matter of seconds. I would seriously suggest skipping these cards and going with Visa. Period.