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Vanilla Visa Gift Card


by Beth on Apr 29, 2012

Vanilla Visa Gift Card

We received a Visa Vanilla gift card for $50 as a gift from a family member. We used it to purchase two toys at a local store for $11. A few days later we returned one of the toys, and the return was processed on the same Visa gift card. Since then, the card has been declined everywhere else. When I called to figure out what was going on, they said the first purchase never went through, but the return did, so the card was deactivated, adn the only way to re-activate is to send them the receipts for both the purchase and the return. Otherwise, teh card is no good and they basically stole $50 from us. In fact, they keep telling us that we have a $58 balance on the card because of the return, which is supposed to make us feel better. But of course, we can't actually USE the card, so this is completely useless.